Body Fitness Center, Butner NC

Body Fitness Center, Butner NC

So far we’ve partnered with organizations in Chatham, Lee and Granville Counties to show the film “GASLAND”, but that’s just the start. Would you help arrange a showing near you?

photos courtesy of GASLAND The Movie

CWFNC is currently seeking partners to show this important documentary in counties potentially affected by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” for natural gas. Not sure if your county is affected? Check our map!

All showings will include a brief discussion of how hydraulic fracturing for natural gas from deep deposits could affect our region of North Carolina and what action we can take to help prevent impacts to groundwater, quality of life and landscapes!

Past showings:
November 11, 7 PM at the new Chatham County Library, 197 NC Hwy 87 N, Pittsboro, NC, co-hosted by the Haw River Assembly.

Nov. 14, 3 PM at the Body Fitness Center Auditorium, 106 West C Street Butner, co-hosted by the Granville Non-Violent Action Team (GNAT).

Powerhouse Gym in Canton

2008-03-24 20:15:16 by detfrost

I already posted this in R&R so sorry for "cross post". However it dawned on me that this probably is the more appropriate forum, although it is technically part rant.
Powerhouse gym in canton is going under. I''m not happy about this. Most Powerhouses are inexpensive, mostly free weights and limited cardio, however there is usually an extremely diverse amount of cable mach...s keep loosing their leases?
2. Has anyone worked out at either of the following gyms, Anytime Fitness in Plymouth, or Snap Fitness 24/7 also in Plymouth, on Canton Center road, and how do they compare as far as free weights, cables and plate loaded machines to a Golds or Powerhouse?
3. Is there anything else that is comparable in price and Weight training equipment near Canton?