Doctors Rave Over 'Controversial' Diet Pill

Doctors Rave Over 'Controversial' Diet Pill

Doctors Rave Over ''Controversial'' Diet Pill

Think Diet Pills Don''t Work? Here''s One That May Actually Deliver....
Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry Ketone

Due to its almost unbelievable results, it has created quite a frenzy among dieters. Since recently being featured by the most famous Doctor in America and beloved talk show host, Garcinia Cambogia Extract is the latest buzz in weight loss and being touted as the "The Holy Grail of Weight Loss". Doctors worldwide and millions of people are praising this so called revolutionary fat buster. - But not without controversy.

Critics say the compounds - hydroxycitric acid, or HCA (the extract from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit), cause such dramatic weight loss that it is are ripe for abuse by people who only want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons. Proponents of the nutrient claim that it has been proven by scientific studies to be effective and safe, and that banning the natural compounds would be akin to banning vitamins...

"The magic weight-loss cure for every body-type"

One thing people on both sides can agree on is that the controversial, new supplements work incredibly well. According to a new study from researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center, men and women who took the Garcinia Cambogia supplement lost an average of 16.5 pounds in a matter of weeks without additional diet or exercise.

Another study published in the journal Nutrition Research found that people taking Garcinia Cambogia extract lost an average of 6.7 percent of their total body weight, including 12.3 percent of their total body fat - with zero side effects. In fact, not only were there not any side effects, but people using the supplement actually experienced improved health measures across the board, including reductions in bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.

Perhaps the most surprising part about this study is the fact that the participants were told not to change their eating habits or daily routine at all. That''s right, they proved you can lose an average of 15lbs without exercise or changing your diet.

And if all that weren’t reason enough to have desperate slimmers stocking up, researchers from the Department of Laboratory Medicine found that people taking Garcinia Cambogia extract experienced a significant decline in cravings for sweets and other foods high in carbohydrates - likely due to the nutrient’s positive effect on insulin and blood sugar counts

Should Garcinia Cambogia Be Regulated?

News of this breakthrough has spread like wildfire and has propelled Garcinia Cambogia to the top of the weight loss world. However, some doctors argue this fat loss supplement, in fact, may cause too much of a weight reduction to be offered over-the-counter and therefore should be regulated like Xenical and other prescription diet aids.

Indeed, published, peer-reviewed research shows an average weight loss of 10 percent of a person’s bodyweight within just 10 weeks - an effect greater than most prescription diet pills.

This has some weight-management experts fearing this new super slimmer may, in fact, cause too much weight loss and may be abused by people who have no business taking it. The Norwegian Department of Public Health recently did a survey that showed 23% of normal-weight people consider themselves overweight - and are therefore four times more likely to misuse diet aids in an unwarranted attempt to lose weight.

Weight-management experts, as well as the Norwegian researchers, point out that the slimming aids should only be used by overweight individuals, not vanity seekers, in conjunction with healthy eating and regular physical activity.

How to Be a Smart Garcinia Cambogia Shopper..

While there are a lot of products to choose from, and you should choose whichever product you like best, we like the Garcinia Cambogia formula called Vitamax Garcinia Cambogia (see the promotion below). This pure form of HCA is manufactured in the United States, contain no fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. It is tested daily for quality control and potency, and the recommended dosage is the same as those used in the clinical trials. In addition, the manufacturer is giving away complementary sample bottles risk free by just paying $4.95 for shipping and handling so you can try the products with no risk.

† Suggested Use: Take one capsule of Vitamax Garcinia Cambogia about 30 minutes before meals. It is recommended taking garcinia cambogia two or three times per day with a full glass of water for the best results. And remember that combining Garcinia Cambogia with a healthy diet and exercise can improve your results!

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1) First, it prevents the liver from turning the sugar and carbohydrates in food into fat. When a normal body is fed a meal containing a high percentage of carbs, much of the food is processed by the liver and stored in fat cells. There, it will be kept in reserve until it is needed during a time of intense energy use or famine. However, modern lifestyles rarely call upon the body to use this stored energy, and therefore it just keeps accumulating.

HCA flips a switch in the liver that prevents it from adding too much fat to the body’s storage system and instead sends the food to be used immediately by the muscles. This not only gives the patient increased energy, but it also helps the user build more lean muscle mass. This, in turn, increases weight loss even more, since lean muscle burns about 10 times as many calories as fat does during daily activities.

2) The second benefit that Garcinia Cambogia has for an overweight person is that it reduces the desire to eat for emotional reasons..

Since many folks who struggle with their weight report that they often eat because they are tired, stressed, bored or anxious, rather than truly hungry, this can be vital. Doctors believe that garcinia cambogia releases a chemical into the bloodstream as it is digested. This results in an increased production of serotonin, a naturally-occurring “feel-good” substance that helps a person feel full longer and have less desire to eat emotionally. Serotonin also helps manage the production of cortisol—a stress hormone that has been identified as a cause of increased fat storage around the belly.

It is only logical to assume that dieters who incorporate a sensible diet and exercise regimen along with their consumption of high-quality HCA like that found in Garcinia Cambogia Max, will have even more impressive results than those who depend on the supplement alone.

I''m a twenty-nine-year-old mother of three. After my first daughter, I gained 60 pounds in a year. The day after my 29th birthday, I started taking green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia. I have since went from a size 16 to size 6 and I feel amazing! Thanks to losing all this weight I have my self esteem back, my husband has his wife back, and my kids have the Mom they deserve!! thanks dr. Oz!!

- Emily A.
Scottsdale, AZ